Man, the country of man on detail, 인권금융투자정치

Man, the country of man on detail,


man, an island continent Feel and


judgement has a long way to go


a long way off thinking about.


Pathetic quality. This is all of the


old ancestors (ancestors)Make this by


politicians, intellectuals and ordinary


people, We can't just let the old


ancestors politicians, intellectuals,


the work of (ancestors) Nearly half


live in this era, and in particular,


whether we should blame,. In human


race should the blame for Iran to be


Meanwhile, the statue in (ancestors)


politicians, intellectuals, People, not


I, but then those offspring of politicians,


intellectuals, May I want to see ordinary


people, even the hell he was original and


independence is an estuary Safeguard


national and put gender and culture and


maintain the old ones, Make an idol of


God's serves as living, one planet, is an


estuaryCollection, he also had a national,


regional, and, outside of benefits Iran


human feces can't fall as to ever do Race


from the hip. Characteristics of Iran or any


of the human race Consistently, its logic and


follow in to lie by It is midday, not turn on


(氣焰) gas (詭辯) sophism Nothing more.


We can either get off conclusion.Therefore,


cooperation between the human and humans


on the Korean peninsula, my point of view


Man of the island country, this feels very


a long way to go.


This is the Republic of Korea of 06 24 of


1973 of a pervert. Ideas of ChungKunYoung


and that written by a judgement.


2016. 07. 16 Republic of Korea is a pervert


ChungKunYoung creator.



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