The way I can take in the Korean 인권금융투자정치

The way I can take in the Korean


Peninsula. (The Asian continent)


continent, an island, island countries,


Third country or continent (in whatever


Asian unity between Sub Continent), the


Korean peninsula and island countries,


and American Continent, keep four Korean


reunification people, and on the agenda


Was an option that can keep a culture and


She drew, where the American continent


a decisionWhether the reason why spending


that an Oriental Western Eden. Sky between


politicians, intellectuals and ordinary people,


Logic will exist two Suns Incorporation in what


it called its citizens with each other Westerners


Because the American continent and to order


Inama Asian and a little bit by making unity


A breakdown between the Western part to


put an end.Or or continent towards (The Asian


continent) the Korean Peninsula On either side


or towards the island of the Korean Peninsula


country So, but try to order a breakdown


by intervention of military power Running.


The Sino-Japanese War and the typical thing


Russo-Japanese War and since the 1950s


Korean War. 06, communist capitalism is an


estuary with 25 confrontation On the Korean


Peninsula, both reproduced, and over and


told him.And Asian continent, Eden Island in


the country of work If you`re looking into


a weaving Korean peninsula in a spinning


One of many ways, but the countless


Unification between the Korean Peninsula


and American continent as a way Fortunately,


the Korean Peninsula from the neighboring


countries by making Is not means that to


bravely to protect. I will speak in terms of


the Korean Peninsula.


This is the Republic of Korea of 06 24 of


1973 of a pervert. Ideas of ChungKunYoung


and that written by a judgement.


2016. 07. 16 Republic of Korea is metamorphosis


ChungKunYoung creator.



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