I have received unconditional donation 인권금융투자정치




I have received unconditional donation


a person right and the accumulation of


wealth and their living expenses All


investment amount or when we have per


ceptions and to set (investment funds)


The majority all other financial com


panies and human and financial insti


tutions and Most human recommendation


for a handful of humans and loans


(credit and goddesses, mortgage, car


loans, bonds, credit cards, promissory


notes, guaranteesNo one, and received)


how leases and installment, and besides,


Billy. I made a mistake, on balance, it


was, and purpose of universal service


point of view, on balance, The majority


of all the financial institutions and


all other financial institutions and


human And a number of human and minority


human or whatever, to (credit and loans,


mortgage, car loans, bonds, credit


cards, promissory notes, guarantees


I'm thinking to pay leases and insta


llment, and besides, Billy Well, if


you're) and Pay that no judgment to


be speaking. My If you want to see


glow of the reason for the estuary.


One of the Earth in their life Race


is different because life God's


waiting on Iran human beings A little


short set of national, regional,


and as human beings who don't,


interest representationIran human


insulin resistance, lies needed to


for our country's future race


followed by the red carpet Because


I take full for such a thing.


This effect was the first South Korean


nationality with 1973. 06. 24 ChungKun


Young (nom de plume,paragraph) 變態


(transformation, metamorphosis, a per


vert,....), 無武(a muumuu, muumuu, ....),


無團(muu Cycle, nothing Cycle, ....),


.... very soon .... 第一 于先 大韓民國


國籍 1973 06 24 日 義() 鄭建泳


Ho(:nom de plume, paragraph)變態, 無武,


無團, .... dies and prove the effects of.


This is one of the nallip all financial


institutions is an estuary on earth And


majority of humans and a majority of


financial and everybody else Human and


minority human for a person, to speak.


2016. 07. 29 basis



2016. 07. 29 on in and of 1973. 06. 24


ChungKunYoung creator.


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