I am a politician of public intellectuals. 인권금융투자정치

I am a politician of public intellectuals.


(economic downturn) mentality in recession


well. Feel kind of thing that caused the


course. Labor intensive in judgment and


capitalism. Enemy, doing nothing more than


social civilization (development) growth.


Mouth of the human race to Iran a (life) life.


Can lead. Way of thinking.



supplementary explanation


The human race is labor intensive. Mouth of


the obsession was already on the high perfor


mance computer. Iran human beings to do high-


tech automation. The species still something


there is an estuary instead. Iran because human


race is labor intensive. And high-performance


computing and other things. State-of-the-art


automation to leave capitalism the moment.


Intellectuals, politicians will be a collapse.


The reallocation of capital (resources) against


the people half. Could not find a lucid solution


of the estuary. Before that, the people, as (fla


iling around) and note. Against human race to


Iran in capitalism. Capital to labor-intensive


(resources) to reallocate it. And ways of thinking


that the only solution. Big fish in a politician,


but it is the well. Public intellectuals in the


well of opinion and judgment. That.



Republic of Korea of Korea a Pervert 1973. 06.


24 ChungKunYoung By perceptions and that written.



2016. 10. 04 Republic of Korea a Pervert ChungKunYoung creator






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