I am one of countless number 인권금융투자정치




I am one of countless number


of people on Earth.


Negative about the flooded with


hundreds of countries.


Enemy, the view, intelligent human


beings and independence.


I don't like, people trying to do, but.


That's one of the national fusion with


other nations.


For one thing, instead of his people are


in one's own small country.


Invasion from neighboring countries,


end up often.


Damage to and not weak makes it a country


powerful country.


A mouth even if nationalist superiority.


State's threat to neighboring countries either.


A bold vision that major powers violated the


surrounding small country. Going see them.


All sorts of the country to country or people's


ethnic war.


Herbie as well as of time into as a civilization.


Overall due to many lives in the mouth of the


destruction of social damage. Eroded as to go.


Or woman, it was, and the male human race to Iran.


If you enjoy doing hard time ... What is with me.


In response to that answered in writing and thin


king what to judgment But it also means a person ...


Race for it is not one of the Earth's perspective.


(old country words :) ' then countries and a wianneun.


For old times ' sake, that one of the old society


intellectuals. Old people and contemporary politician


living modern world. Living today's world of intellec


tuals living ordinary people. Attempted a soft side,


so ... formed under false pretenses


I have a national multicultural over the existence


of the one on Earth. Only National Estuary that are


flooded with countless number of nations on Earth.


Think work can do and I figured brevity is a bit


of satisfaction to judgment.


It was 06. 24. 1973 of the transformation of


Korea. Your projector is written by and deci


sions of the ChungKunYoung.



2016. 11. 17 on South Korea


transformation ChungKunYoung creator.






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