I shouted that the Korean peninsula, it used to be like 인권금융투자정치



I shouted that the Korean peninsula, it used to be like


other men became independent. Mouth of sympathy for the


Korean Peninsula a chair minjokkam main enemy and ethnic


superiority. With attention ever.


But when the independence of a more deeply and I thought.


Independent humans who live on the Korean Peninsula than


Iran at the end of the race to determine. (A similar :


people) people had to help boost uigwonik. If the results


that didn't have a better idea. And the end of judgment.


The Korean Peninsula communist and capitalist relations


stemming from the confrontation. Ssgennya. May 25, 06 in


the war began


I am therefore not (ancestors) then their fathers


(A similar : ttilttil). The Asian continent on the Korean


peninsula that a matter of themselves as a hard time soon.


Quest for autonomy in a hard time from the moment a self-


inflicted. . Independent from the Asian continent on the


Korean peninsula. Pursuit without independence when other


people hear. (ancestors) the Korean Peninsula only Iran


would pursue fathers is wrong. Many from the continent


wrong decision and thought up the peninsula.


Invasion from the countries of the island and across the


sea invaded by the 19th century. The mouth of the Korean


Peninsula communist because I have heard in capitalism


into war. And father of (ancestors) and his `` dash to


heodeok a bad idea. Than to blame and that fathers (anc


estors) suffering from bad judgment. And keep his mouth


on a pedestal, it pains me only a long sigh. You don't


come. Transformation of the Republic of Korea will soon


with idea of the 24th of the 06 think in 1973. Judgment


is how hard the Korean Peninsula is only needs to be done


to see (knowledge). If you are ... Only independence for


China, and I don't know what I'm not. Republic (Korea) and


Japan to reunification and equal manner. (Korea) of the


Republic of Korea and China hungry for a better way any


further. And the United States and Japan, China, Japan


and Russia, he predicts that unification of the Japanese


from the Earth. Inama, Vigneti di Foscarino Soave Classico


can be reduced slightly the war that can fly. and I thought.


To judgment. That's Iranian ethnic groups, human human.


In God's or one of the Earth be playing into Iranian tribe.


A major war between East and West due to make mischief


between East and West. The outbreak can do it. Such as


two of the bottom of the sky. The sun can not exist the


end of his logic. Transformation of the Republic of Korea


in 06, 24, 1973, soon ChungKunYoung of the country (the


rain. Countries around the country) is territorial in


order to do : seutan. It is forced to do the (A similar :


national) which is a conquest. Peninsula the Asian con


tinent seeking autonomy in class time. Living around the


ethnic and island countries are nations. Independent jud


gment did and I guess it won't pursue. I am most a great


wrong and wrong in (ancestors) their fathers. There have


no doubt that in judgment not. If write it, father (anc


estors) is the descendant by a huge mistake. From genera


tion to generation is suffering through war for the thou


sands of years, to. It's a horse. Now made forced to rem


ote Asian continent. With the main culprit here is I have


this ancestor (ancestors) and a little room for doubt.


.. At that time, of the continent than political situation


independently. Remain the release of political and Asia.


A member of the continent than more countries are indepe


ndent in races. (A similar : national) around the country


due to the presence of Asian continent, now. More indepen


dent. did not do it. But Chinese politician's public inte


llectuals mouth of a Japanese politician. Mouth with a pub


lic intellectuals, advocacy is not mentioned. To do. I am


the father of (Korea) (ancestors) of the Republic of Korea's


old. The old politicians, intellectuals old ordinary politic


ian living at our times. Living today's world of intellectu


als living today's world of ordinary people. Narrow one Asian


countries and by extension, as boundaries of Earth. Part of


the (A similar : national) flooded and in country. On the look


out for a normal politicians, intellectuals.. One of the war


did not, there has been so far from the Earth. The human race


to be playing into and these consequences of God. One or ulti


mate business, even when he does know. To, but not really sure.


Therefore, the transformation of the Republic of Korea will soon


ChungKunYoung of the 24th of. 06 in 1973, Imperialism, to mean


bad than the more the semblance of independence. The borough on


the country in a (similar to Earth : of a gakkaeumyeo. The Ameri


can way of state) Iran the construction all human race. One.



God you have enough to attend on the one on the planet, too.


I can't false, state only the interests of local set of credit.


Intellectuals, a politician who human race reduced to Iran.


The brother of the public.


God you have enough to attend on the one on the planet, too.


I can't false, state only the interests of local set of credit.


Intellectuals, a politician who human race reduced to Iran.


The sister of the public.



This is the transformation of the Republic of Korea of 06 24


th in 1973. Judgment by it. and the idea of the ChungKunYoung



2017. 04. 10 Republic of Korea a Pervert ChungKunYoung creator.









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